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Safe Air Filtre Teknolojileri | Heap Filtre Fiyatları ve İmalatı

Industrial Filter Production Over 10 Years of Experience

Our company; was established to meet the air filtration needs of many industries. We are working to meet the filter needs of many different industries such as industrial filters, air conditioning ventilation filters, dust collection systems, odor and gas purification systems. Since we are an engineering company, we carry out the design, manufacturing and mass production stages of all your filter needs, including the most complex filtration systems. Our main production and sales portfolio includes roll filters, cassette filters, bag filters, compact filters, hepa filters and ulpa filters, as well as project-based special productions. Our young and experienced team has accomplished many different projects with quality design and innovation. We convey our experience to our customers in clean room filtration, laboratory filtration, HVAC filtration and especially in the filtration of natural gas power plants. Choosing the right filter and the right filtration system will reduce the environment, energy, economy and most importantly time costs.

Safe Air Filtre

Why Choise to Safe Air

Our company, Safe Air, which meets the air filtration needs of many industries, is proud to serve you for more than 10 years.

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Safe Air Filtre

Where is Bag Filter Used

Bag filters have started to be used as dust particles pose a serious threat to nature and human beings. Bag filters used for air purification are produced from different materials. Materials called polyester, cotton, aramid, polypropylene, rayton, ny
Safe Air Filtre

Is HEPA Filter Washable With Water

HEPA filters have accordion structures. At the same time, since they are paper-based, they can accumulate bacteria when not completely dried. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash with water. Instead, you can empty this part in the trash or brush
Safe Air Filtre

Why HEPA Filter Cannot Be Washed

HEPA filters are cleanable. However, when it is washed and cleaned by the user, you may encounter situations that will adversely affect human health. Therefore, washing the HEPA filter is not recommended or recommended.

Types of Filters

Filters are used to purify and separate unwanted substances such as particles and water from oils used in industrial facilities. There are many types of filters. Among these varieties, there are options such as compact filter, hepa filter, cassette filter. Decant filter.

Filters have a long working life. Filters that require little maintenance are made of materials such as glass fiber. Filters, the efficiency of which is quite high, are extremely important for cleaning the air. They also need to be changed regularly so that harmful substances do not spread to the environment.

There are some things to consider when choosing a filter. These;

Selecting an adequate filter size depending on the flow rate of the air to be filtered
The filter type is suitable for the working conditions
The type and amount of dust in the incoming air
Loading status
Air pressure drop
Operating temperature levels
Situations such as the possibility of maintenance and service
Choosing an economical filter
The air duct connection in the filter should be made with slight changes
The air should be distributed evenly on the filter surface
Sufficient space should be left in the front and back of the filter for maintenance and repair operations
it is important to pay attention to some issues like this. Air quality will be ensured by selecting the appropriate filter.

What is a Compact Filter?
Compact filters are filters formed by folding superior quality filter paper into a plastic frame with a mini-pile design to obtain a high filter surface area. These filters, which are produced for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems in industrial facilities and commercial buildings, have a lightweight structure. Since they are lightweight in structure, they can be used up to 5000 m3 /h air flow rate.

In cases where the air flow rate of the existing ventilation system needs to be increased, air can be passed through the filter cell at the air conditioning plant without the need for renovation. Compact filters that hold dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria and similar particles that can pollute the air can be used as the final filter, as well as HEPA and ULPA filters can be used to protect.

It is possible to list the advantages of the compact filter as follows;

The starting pressure is low
It has a high dust holding capacity
it provides usage up to 4500 m3/h
There is a cast seal option
Provides low energy consumption
It has a high filtration area
Compact filters, which are preferred to be used in ventilation and air conditioning facilities for the separation of fine particles, have advantages, as we have listed above.

Compact Filter Prices
In environments requiring high air quality, compact filters used as the final filter in ventilation systems to separate various particles in the air or to extend the use time of HEPA – ULPA filters, it is necessary to use a pre-filter before use.

Thanks to the large filter surface, low pressure loss can be achieved at high air flow rate. It is composed of superior quality filter paper folded with mini-pile design to obtain high surface area and recycled ABS plastic is placed inside the frame.

It is used for precision filtration to get high efficiency in hotels, hospitals, public buildings, offices, shopping malls, food production, pharmaceutical production and other similar industrial factories. Compact filter prices may vary depending on the size of the filter. It is necessary to choose the most accurate one by looking at the size, class, filter area, pressure drop and flow rate of the filter to be used. Considering all these features, price differences may occur in the selected compact filters.

To get clear information about compact filter prices, you need to know which filter to prefer. After that, it will be possible to get price information about the price of your filter from people who are experts in this field.

What is a Hepa Filter?
Hepa filters are filters that meet the standards set by organizations such as the European Union or the American Department of Energy. Based on these standards, in order for the filter to be valued as a Hepa filter, 99.97% of the particles that are larger than or equal to the size of the 0.3 Safe Air Filter must be captured in the air passing through the filter.

Hepa filters are manufactured for use in ventilation and air conditioning units where high or very high quality air is required. Hepa filter applications are used in ventilation and air conditioning processes in electronics, medical products, food industry. Hepa filters are also preferred for particle control in places such as hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, data processing Jul-tions.

We can list the advantages of hepa filters as follows;

Having a high filtration area
Having a low pressure drop
Sealing with a continuous seal
Each filter can be tested independently
Hepa filters can be manufactured in different sizes upon request. Hepa filters, which can be manufactured in different sizes to suit every need, are used in many fields. There are some types of hepa filters.

Types of Hepa Filters
Hepa filters can have different properties. True HEPA filters filter at a rate of 99.97%, while ULPA filters have the ability to filter at a rate of 99.99%. Hepa filters are types of filters that filter slightly below these rates.

Hepa filters are also divided into categories within themselves. These categories are;

As the numerical values next to the Hepa increase, the dust – particle retention value increases. It is also possible to explain this in the following way;

HEPA 10 – 15,000 pieces of 100,000 particles come out of the exhaust.
HEPA 11 - 5,000 of 100,000 particles come out of the exhaust.
HEPA 12 - 500 of 100,000 particles come out of the exhaust.
HEPA 13 - 50 pieces of 100,000 particles come out of the exhaust.
HEPA 14 - 5 pieces of 100,000 particles come out of the exhaust.
For a cleaner and more spacious environment, it would be correct to choose HEPA filter or ULPA filter enabled devices when choosing an air conditioning device. Jul.  Hepa filters do not lose anything from their performance even if they work for a long time. That's why hepa filters are a good option.

Hepa Filter Prices
With the industrialization and the increase of the population, pollutant factors are increasing. If we look at the old periods, recently, along with the increase in the time spent indoors, there is an excessive exposure to pollutants due to the places where there is ventilation. For this reason, it is necessary to remove particles that are harmful to human health from the air.

Air pollution is one of the environmental health risks. Hepa filters can be preferred to reduce diseases and ailments to a minimum degree. It is extremely important to obtain breathable air by reducing the polluting effect of the air by taking advantage of the properties of hepa filters.

Hepa filters provide efficiency from 85% to 99.99999% according to EN1822. The speed distribution on the hepa filter surface is the most optimal. It has a special aluminum frame. The sealing test is carried out and it is individually certified. High quality filter paper is used. Low energy consumption and hepa filter surface protection are available. There are varieties of frames in a wide variety of sizes and different depths.

Before getting information about hepa filter prices, it is necessary to have some knowledge about hepa filters. Hepa filters can be manufactured in various sizes upon request. For this reason, filter prices may also vary.

What is a Cassette Filter?
Cassette filters or panel filters in other words function as pre-filters. We can say that the air filter group for the cassette filter is the most important part in the industrial field. Cassette filters, which are an important product in the field of filtration, undertake the task of filtering coarse impurities. This filter, which is defined as a cassette filter or panel filter, can be designed in a square or rectangular shape, as understood from the name. The main area that provides filtration in cassette filters are the inner layers.

The contents of the cassette filters can be shaped according to the request. The filter can be prepared according to the location and requirements. Cardboard or galveniz is used on the outer surface. In its content, glass fiber, fiber, activated carbon, sponge or carbon charcoal are used. These contents are prepared specially for the place.

Cassette filters are a pre-filtration system. Thanks to this pre-filtration system, your filtration system will last much longer. This system, which separates coarse impurities and starts the filter process from the beginning, has a wide range of uses. It can be manufactured according to every size. In this way, it can adapt to every area.

Cassette Filter Prices
The issue that has a direct impact on cassette filter prices is the issue of measurement. Cassette filters should be preferred in the most suitable sizes depending on both the outer material, the inner material and the size. Depending on these features, cassette filter prices may vary.

Cassette filters should be manufactured by choosing internal materials in accordance with the area in which they will be used. For high efficiency, all options should be well evaluated and researched. There will be no regrets about filter choices when these issues are paid attention to. It is necessary to select the filter carefully by evaluating the cassette filter alternatives.

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